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NetApp Cloud Theater for ASG — Custom EBC

Our partners at ASG were charged with upgrading the media/AV ecosystem at NetApp’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. The Cloud Theater is the centerpiece of the Data Visionary Center, NetApp’s executive briefing space. It’s a 10m-diameter immersive theater that brings big data and complex concepts to life for large groups of people. 

ASG asked us to provide an immersive projection system. We blended two OmniFocus systems for a resolution of 7400×2400 across the 240-degree screen. Each system uses our 200 series lenses with a Canon 4k600Z projector. We designed a compact mounting arrangement, and provided an Elumenati IG (image generating computer) with WorldViewer to drive the installation. 

We also provided an immersive edit bay for the Cloud Theater content – a 2.3m-diameter Panorama with a single 200 series projection system to match the two in the Theater, as well as an IG and WorldViewer.

Photo credit: Hyperquake, Executive Briefing Center designers