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Getty Museum’s Caves of Dunhuang virtual immersive experience

As part of the Cave Temples of Dunhuang exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 2016, The Elumenati created a custom 7m Panorama which took up to 20 guests on an immersive 3D journey into Cave 45.  The rendered story was stunningly beautiful and created by yU+co under the guidance of the Getty.   See a video of the Cave 45 Immersive Virtual Experience here.

The 7m-diameter OpenDome Panorama was 3m high, providing a 180 x 50 screen.  The Elumenati used our standard single-blend, dual-OmniFocus projector design to provide high resolution and brightness while maximizing the useable space inside the screen.  Guests could stand as close as 1m away without casting shadows.  Based on the now retired OmniFocus 200 Series solution, we upgraded the projectors to the Digital Projection HIGHLite laser.  This provided enough brightness when using active 3D glasses.