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IDIA Lab at Ball State University — GeoDome Panorama

The Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab) at Ball State University is home to a large-scale Elumenati Panorama, enabling groups of people to explore their VR content without the need for headsets. “Our experience in working with The Elumenati was fantastic – we found them to be a creative and visionary group, valuing equally the both science and aesthetic experience behind their innovative products. They were excited about collaborating with us to create a custom immersive solution to experience our clients’ VR projects across the arts, sciences, medicine and the humanities,” said John Fillwalk, IDIA Lab’s Director.

The Panorama is 25’ in diameter, with a single negative-pressure screen with a 270° sweep. A customized projection system blends two OmniFocus 30240 projectors for 6900 x 2160 resolution and 15,000 lumens across the screen. Using our fisheyes overhead greatly increases the shadow-free zone inside the space compared to multiple flatscreen projectors, so up to 40 people at a time can experience IDIA Research CaveVR Projects. A single image generating computer drives the installation, with WorldViewer and Omnity providing real-time geometry correction for their interactive content.

We’re excited to see the IDIA Lab creating group VR experiences based on their multidisciplinary collaborations. Recent projects they’ve showcased in the Cyclorama include the VBAM: Virtual Broad Art Museum commission, as well as Newton’s Cenotaph in VR.

They’ve also built multi-person immersive experiences in collaboration with The History Channel’s The Universe, with virtual explorations of Roman Engineering, Stonehenge, and the Pantheon.

We’re excited to support the IDIA Lab in its mission to explore the intersection between the arts, science, and technology – the ideal application of Elumenati immersive technologies.