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Princess Cruise Lines’ Discovery at Sea – GeoDome Theaters

The GeoDome Theater is part of Princess Cruise Lines’ immersive Discovery at SEA experiences, offered through Princess’ partnership with Discovery™. In the “Voyage to the Stars Planetarium” experience, the GeoDome becomes a stunning indoor planetarium, displaying real-time images of constellations, planets and galaxies to complement live stargazing on deck. It’s one of the many multigenerational family activities offered on the cruise line, and it’s a perfect example of the way immersive environments create memorable shared experiences.

We customized the GeoDome Theater with a uniquely deployable design for the cruise ships. The inflatable 6.5m OpenDome Theater, OmniFocus projection system, Elumenati image generating computer and 5.1 audio system all pack down for ship storage in about an hour. Content driven by WorldViewer lights the dome at WQXGA resolution with the OmniFocus 30510. There are more than ten systems on various Princess ships. Find more GeoDome Theater projects here

This project was a collaboration with our partners at Geoffrey M Curley & Associates, who create vibrant, educational, hands-on and minds-on experiences for location-based entertainment and museums. It’s an honor to help Discovery bring the spirit of adventure to Princess Cruise passengers through the immersive GeoDome experience. You can learn more about the immersive Discovery at Sea experiences here.