Balloon Museum – GeoDome Portal

We were thrilled to work with the Balloon Museum in Albuquerque on their new GeoDome Portal, and we can’t wait to see it up and running when the pandemic permits. (It’s shown here at our lab.) With WorldViewer as the content engine, the museum will be showcasing footage of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – allowing visitors to experience the world’s largest hot air ballooning event no matter what time of year they come to town. Visitors will also explore related science topics like the gas ballooning voyages into the stratosphere.

For this customized version of the GeoDome Portal, we scaled the screen up to 4m in diameter. A platform base houses the OmniFocus 300 series projection system, with 4K resolution and a brightness upgrade to 9,000 lumens. Our folded lens design lets us orient the projector horizontally. With the lens placed behind the base of the touchscreen kiosk, the installation technology “disappears” and visitors are immersed in the content. Huge thanks to our collaborators at Electric Playhouse, who helped with installation.