Thunderbird School at ASU – Custom Interactivity for LED Sphere





At ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, a hanging 2.5m LED Sphere is powered by The Elumenati’s WorldViewer content engine. The sphere was provided by alumni, but the school reached out to us to provide interactivity and content management. Our unique gesture-driven user interface lets visitors in the main atrium choose and navigate through 360° datasets on the spherical display. Topics range from weather (refreshed daily) to volcanoes, and human activity like shipping patterns and the use of lights at night.  NASA JPL’s Eyes on the Earth features satellite data on the Earth’s vital signs. They’ve hosted special events like the 2022 FIFA World Cup, using WorldViewer to turn the globe into a giant soccer ball while live feeds of the games are streamed on supplemental LED screens around the room. The school intends to continue to build new global datasets on topics like the international growth of cryptocurrency over time. We look forward to seeing how the Thunderbird team uses WorldViewer to engage visitors and communicate their global approach.