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See you at AAS!

We’ll be in Booth 109 at the American Astronomical Society Annual Meeting, January 4-8 in Kissimee, FL. Stop by and check out our full range of software platforms for interactive space exploration.

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The All-Seeing Eye — Technology Edition

Immersion and virtual reality are at the forefront of media and technology today. Read about our continuing innovations in November’s newsletter.

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Immersion Theater Grand Opening – Aldo Leopold Nature Center

This custom installation features an edge-blended dual-fisheye solution and our full suite of interactive software for Earth and space science exploration.

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The All-Seeing Eye — Science Edition

We were at ASTC last week, featuring one of our digital video globes with the full complement of Elumenati interactive software ~ See what else we’ve been up to in October’s newsletter.

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Immersive Learning Lab in the GeoDome Panorama

“One of my students said this on the way back to class today: ‘I have never really liked science until now.’” – Fridley Middle School chemistry teacher

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Elumenati and Eyes in NASA Spinoff magazine

A profile of our collaboration with NASA JPL to bring Eyes on the Earth, Solar System and Exoplanets into domes and spheres using Omnity. Thanks NASA!

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Omnity 2.0 is here!

We rewrote the software from the ground up to enhance usability and performance, and now you can buy it through the Unity asset store.

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3D PacMan at the PULSE Festival

The Elumenati brings a playable, room-size version of the classic videogame to the PULSE Festival this week.

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The Elumenati’s 10th Birthday!

To celebrate, we’ve scoured the archives to revive this brief history of our distant past, originally posted to our first website back in the oughts. Enjoy!

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The Worldviews Network at AMNH: “Earth, Migrations, and the Human Effect”

Immersively explore the patterns of life on Earth in AMNH’s Hayden Planetarium, December 18 at 7pm.

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