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4K Laser Projection in the Science Panorama – NCMNS Collaboration Update, Part 1


We’ve been working closely with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences since they opened the Nature Research Center in 2012. This new wing is full of exhibits that explore not just what we know about the natural world, but how we know it—the tools, techniques, and real live scientists that study the past, present, and future of our planet. One of these exhibits was the Science Panorama from The Elumenati – a customized 7m-diameter screen with 180° sweep, and a single-channel OmniFocus 500 series projection system with WQXGA resolution. At the time it was the industry’s highest single-channel resolution – and it still looked pretty good in 2021! 

However, it’s always our goal to maximize ROI for our clients, and to that end OmniFocus lenses are as future-proofed as possible. NCMNS was able to keep using their 500 series lens and update the Science Panorama with a laser-based Barco F90, with 3840×2400 resolution at 12,500 lumens. 

Like all GeoDomes, the Science Panorama is driven by WorldViewer. Visitors use a touchscreen to interact with NASA JPL’s Eyes platforms – Eyes on the Earth, Solar System, and Exoplanets – enabled for the GeoDome with Omnity, and through our longstanding collaboration with NASA JPL. We look forward to collaborating with the museum to incorporate more Earth science programming using WorldViewer… and more! We’re especially excited about our new custom installation in the Daily Planet, a three-story theater – read about that here.