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Broomstick Flight Trainer: Multi-player interactivity in the 360° Cyclorama

We’ve transformed Wiimotes into flashlights for the Field Museum’s Cave Art Interactive…  made waves with Kinect to create the Water Wall, a meditative grotto experience inside a children’s hospital… launched explorations of the Universe with a Leap Motion controller at the Bell Museum… and now:

The Broomstick Flight Trainer is an interactive experience for four players at a time. Riding hand-built Broomsticks on spring-loaded bases, you can race your crew through a mystical world. Inside the GeoDome Cyclorama, audiences gather to cheer players on inside the 360° space. With OmniFocus projection, the space to stand and move around is much larger than it would be with multiple flat-screen projectors.

The game is built in Unity, enabled for immersive projection with our Omnity plugin. The multi-player technology can be repurposed to create a collaborative experience of any immersive content – for learning, creating or just fun with friends. Our creative approach to UI/UX design brings emerging technologies from the videogame world into domes, panoramas, and globes. See all of our custom projects here

Elumenati immersive projection environments are spatial XR experiences – accessible, inclusive and fun.