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GeoDome Evolver … evolves

Our GeoDome Evolver system is living up to its name as we continue to expand our offerings for large domes and planetariums. As always, our goal is to make our systems as efficient as they are elegant. These new options incorporate emerging technologies to keep costs down for both system maintenance and content creation – with turnkey systems starting under $100,000.

Evolver systems offer a full suite of content options at relatively low cost, based on our WorldViewer platform and Omnity, our plugin for the Unity game engine.

WorldViewer’s Astronomy Pack supports an “open playground” of software applications. You can explore NASA’s Digital Universe Atlas with OpenSpace – we’ve partnered with AMNH on the development of this NASA-funded open source project. We also offer WorldWide Telescope and its library of guided tours.

Using these platforms means minimal annual costs – so you can invest those funds in keeping your content evergreen. WorldComposer, the authoring tool for WorldViewer, makes it simple to create and refresh your own shows. You can layer  visualizations from your current library, with diverse freely available content – from NOAA’s Science on a Sphere to YouTube360 and more.

Through our collaboration with NASA JPL, we offer their Eyes On platforms – Eyes on the Earth, Eyes on the Solar System and Eyes on the Exoplanets – enabled for spherical display with Omnity. Content is constantly refreshed with  NASA mission data.

As brighter, higher resolution projection systems have become more affordable, we’ve added to our list of OmniFocus projection solutions to include new GeoDome Evolver systems to fit a range of dome sizes and specification. Both single- and multi-channel systems are driven by a single Elumenati image generating computer, again minimizing costs for both installation and ongoing use.

The GeoDome Evolver systems listed below are turnkey systems, including the following:

  • Projection system with automatic camera-based calibration
  • Rack-mount image generating computer
  • WorldViewer with WorldComposer and Astronomy Pack
  • 5.1 audio system
Life expectancy (hours) Fulldome resolution      Brightness         For domes up to       Features Cost
20,000 2400 9,000 9m Simplicity of single-channel system Under $75,000
20,000 3500 25,000 15m 3-chip DLP projectors for great color saturation and high contrast Under $150,000
20,000 3700 12,000 12m 3-chip LCOS projectors for good color saturation and excellent contrast Under $210,000
100,000 3500 15,000 12m Single-chip solid state LED projectors for pure color and ultra-high contrast for dynamic black Under $200,000