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Five GeoDomes in one day! Group VR in Madison, WI

We showcased the GeoDome product line at a recent event in Madison, WI. A GeoDome Panorama and GeoDome Portal, both with VR content from our colleagues at Aspect Multimedia,  featured our integrated kiosk – housing an OmniFocus 30510 projection system, image generating computer, and audio along with a touchscreen for navigating through immersive content. The kiosk is ideal for tradeshows and other quick deployments – like this one, with five systems in and out in a single day!

Guests explored further 360° video on two GeoDome Globes – 4’ and 2’ in diameter. Finally, they entered the main festivities through our 360° Cyclorama – with over 1,000 people in 45 minutes, it was truly a social VR experience. Content on all the systems was driven by WorldViewer.

We were invited to present our systems as the Experiential Sponsor at the Annual Dinner for the Chamber of Commerce.