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New video! Elumenati + OpenSpace Project – Dual GeoDomes at ASTC 2022

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our colleagues at the OpenSpace Project and the American Museum of Natural History. We really pushed the envelope at ASTC 2022, creating a dual-display orientation especially for the conference. Visitors interacted with OpenSpace data in a GeoDome Portal and – for the first time! – on a GeoDome Globe. Built in our WorldViewer CMS, these exhibits let visitors explore critical systems here on Earth and experience the wonder of touring the Universe – both through presentations from leading astrophysicists, and through hands-on user-driven interactivity.

Learn more about WorldViewer’s OpenPlayground extension for Astronomy – now featuring WorldWide Telescope integrated into OpenSpace – at this link.  Also new at ASTC was a set of buttons in WorldViewer that let users drive their own exploration via the GeoDome Portal touchscreen. Of course, we also showcases WorldViewer’s capabilities for interactive exploration of all sorts of immersive media – NOAA datasets, 360° video and more.