Morehead Planetarium and Science Center – GeoDome Portal

Hands-free interactivity drives the Evryscope exhibit in a GeoDome Portal at the newly expanded Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With WorldViewer as the content engine, we’re displaying the star map created by Evryscope, the first full-sky, gigapixel telescope. Locations in more than one hemisphere let Evryscope cover the widest possible swath of the visible night sky, resulting in a 36,000 pixel-wide image that visitors explore in the GeoDome by moving their hands. Image survey metadata generates “hot spots” for zooming into locations in our cosmic neighborhood, and launching videos on topics like exoplanets. WorldViewer’s capabilities for exhibit and experience design support not only dynamic ultra high-resolution images, but alsosafe hands-off interaction through gesture sensors like UltraLeap and the new Lidar-based RealSense.

A 3m-diameter OpenDome Portal is lit with an OmniFocus 300 series projection system with 4K resolution and 5,000 lumens. The Evryscope exhibit is part of the Cosmic Quest experience, and Building Four Fabricators built an enclosure that fits the look and feel of the rest of the gallery.