Phenix City Schools – Magic Planet Upgrade

The globe at the Dyer Family STEM Center was installed as a Magic Planet featuring an OmniFocus 30210 projection system, and upgraded to WorldViewer for content in 2019. Students in grades 5-8 can surround the globe on concentric tiered seating to view docent-led presentations.  Learning is focused on Earth Science, ranging from plate tectonics and volcanoes to the planet’s water systems.  We worked closely with the staff so that they are confident in the ability to build custom experiences with WorldViewer, using  content from a multitude of curators – Science on a Sphere®, YouTube360, and more.

Angel Wilson, the STEM Center Facilitator, says:  “I’m very happy with the support I’ve received from The Elumenati. With WorldViewer, I feel empowered to create my own compositions and stories for core curriculum. For the first time, I’m able to use datasets to tell a story that the kids really understand. It’s a meaningful experience for them to learn about the Solar System through this exploration – not only seeing the visualizations, but interacting with them. They spin the globe and even use the mic as though they were the presenters, which makes it very fun for them.  I’m also confident in my ability to keep the globe image aligned and looking good. I’m able to use the globe in a way I couldn’t prior to working with The Elumenati.”