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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Environmental Literacy Grant for Informal/Nonformal Education for “The WorldViews Network” (2010)
Through this grant, leading science centers across the US will work with NOAA’s Climate Program Office to create and disseminate new educational modules focused on global and bioregional ecosystems. The project involves outreach using three GeoDome Theaters as well as content and curriculum development from The Elumenati.

Ocean Education Grant for AZA Aquariums, for “Using Marine Mammals to Communicate Solutions to Ocean Issues” (2009)
The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences purchased two GeoDome Theaters for use in a regional outreach program through this grant, which also funded Elumenati interactive content development work based on the Unity3D game engine.

NOAA Office of Education
A GeoDome Portal showcases NOAA data visualization and other projects. We’ve also worked closely with the Office of Education on presentations, conferences, and project development.

NOAA Pacific Services Center
NOAA Pacific’s GeoDome Portal is used in outreach programs to educate and inspire stewardship through content focused on critical issues affecting global and local ecosystems in Hawaii.

NOAA Thunder Bay Marine National Sanctuary
We created and installed a custom immersive environment and content management system with a touch-screen kiosk where visitors explore virtual dive experiences and underwater footage in a GeoDome.

National Ocean Service
We built a sync server that enables remote access to Ocean Today content for NOAA and GeoDome network educators. The content, news and video stories on ocean issues, was previously accessible only at the Smithsonian Sant Ocean Hall and other fixed Ocean Today kiosk client sites.