The Elumenati are a design and engineering firm creating innovative solutions for immersive visualization.

We’re obsessed with developing simple, effective systems and novel applications of immersion and interactivity.

  • 09.15.16

    Multi-user Virtual Reality at Virginia Tech

    In the Cyclorama, groups of people experience VR content, 360 video, and 3D animation together in a social context. Four edge-blended OmniFocus projectors light the 64'-diameter space, and WorldViewer delivers 3D content at 4K resolution per screen.

  • 07.14.16

    All-Seeing Eye – Summer 2016

    Summertime greetings! We’ve been busy… and the rest of the year promises more of the same.

  • 05.24.16

    Orlando Science Center – Cobra Panorama

    A new exhibit at the Orlando Science Center uses three Elumenati Cobra Panoramas to illustrate how real world physics is interpreted in the virtual world.


Cobra Panorama

With its small footprint and complete package prices starting under $15,000, the Cobra Panorama is a uniquely accessible way to add immersion and interactivity to your museum exhibit, classroom, simulator, or client engagement space.


Custom Components

When projects require customization, our solutions are flexible and adaptable, striving for a balance between usefulness, simplicity and aesthetics.


Immersion Theater at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center

One of our most versatile installations — featuring the full complement of immersive software for Earth and space science — this dynamic theater engages visitors in seamless interactive tours.