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New interactive content! Virtual Stonehenge from IDIA LAB

In a new level of our collaboration with the IDIA Lab at Ball State University –  SuperCubeMapper enables IDIA Lab’s Virtual Stonehenge simulation for immersive exploration, turning GeoDomes into world heritage learning labs. Presenters can easily navigate through the virtual space, showcasing celestial alignments and the various stages of construction.

IDIA Lab’s Celestial SimEngine​ uses data from NASA JPL to accurately position the sun, moon and visible planets​, correcting for changes in time in the earth’s rotation and other forces​.​ Viewers in the dome experience accurate observations of the night sky as ​i​t would have appeared thousands of years ago at Stonehenge.

At the IDIA Lab, a customized GeoDome Panorama is a space for Group VR experiences – both in the production pipeline, and as a showcase for audiences and clients. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with the IDIA Lab team, and look forward to more.

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