Colorado School of Mines — GeoDome Globe

Students, faculty, and visitors to the Colorado School of Mines can explore a wide range of datasets on their new 1.5m GeoDome Globe, with both docent-led presentations and user-driven interactivity. We worked with Mines to incorporate research from the physics department into WorldViewer, using its custom scripting capabilities to refresh content daily. Students can look at maps of where in the world their classmates hail from, and visitors can explore the campus with 360° video tours.

The Mines team are also using WorldViewer to showcase datasets created for NOAA’s Science on a Sphere, and interacting with mission data on Earth’s vital signs with NASA JPL’s Eyes on the Earth

Our globe’s matte finish means the colors are vibrant even in the lobby space, and we upgraded the dual-projector 300 series projection to offer 18,000 lumens with uniform brightness over the sphere. We’re blending two 4K projectors for a total resolution of 11.6 Mpix across the globe. Our folded lens design – unique to OmniFocus systems – means the equator is closer to eye level for most viewers, so that guests can see more of the northern hemisphere for Earth science exploration.