California Science Center – Magic Planet Upgrade

A 6’ globe is part of the Global Zone in the Ecosystems gallery at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA.  It was one of the first Magic Planet globe display systems we upgraded to OmniFocus projection, back in 2013. We installed a dual-projector system with folded 200 series lenses. The folded lens design allows the projectors to sit horizontally, bringing the base of the globe as close to the floor as possible. This is especially important on a 6’ globe, as it brings the equator closer to eye level and lets more of the audience can see the Northern Hemisphere – making the system accessible and effective for audiences of all ages.

The globe’s programming is focused on Earth science education, with an emphasis on climate. Using an Elumenati IG with WorldViewer has supported expanding the content that was initially developed for the Magic Planet. In 2015 we installed Eyes on the Earth, enabled for the globe with Omnity through our collaboration with NASA JPL, monitoring the Earth’s vital signs with current satellite data. In 2019, we worked with the science center to develop a new suite of content built in WorldViewer, exploring climate issues with NOAA’s Science on a Sphere datasets.

In 2019, we also upgraded the projection system a second time, using high-brightness laser projectors. OmniFocus lenses are designed to be compatible with future iterations of projection technology, enabling the maximum return on our clients’  investment in our lenses.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue working in partnership with the California Science Center.