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Hubble Planetarium – Open Playground

The first official installation of our Open Playground – Astronomy Platform is live at the Hubble Planetarium at the Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn. The new installation expands the Hubble’s capabilities for Earth and space science education, replacing a SCISS ColorSpace Cluster installation based on Uniview with a single, open, user manageable system. In its place the Open Playground installation lets instructors switch between applications so that the audience can experience data-based storytelling from a variety of perspectives. The Open Playground system leverages our longstanding partnerships with the American Museum of Natural History and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab to bring the most current data visualization to planetariums and dome theaters. Open Playground simplifies content creation and end user management for numerous third-party applications in addition to the core suite of astronomy applications – OpenSpace, NASA JPL’s Eyes suite, WorldWide Telescope and more.

Open Playground is driven by The Elumenati’s WorldViewer, an advanced operating system that integrates and manages content and applications.  A single Elumenati Open Playground IG (image generating computer), optimized for graphics and interactive processing, replaces a complex cluster system while increasing framerate and performance. Software is installed and configured for the Hubble’s cross-cove system, which uses two Barco F35s in a 24’ dome. More info on the Open Playground astronomy platforms and capabilities is here