Mayo High School – Magic Planet Upgrade

Mayo High School enlisted The Elumenati to bring their Magic Planet back to life after years of dormancy, converting it to a GeoDome Globe.  The 1m globe features our laser-based OmniFocus 30310 projection system, with 3.6Mpix resolution at 5,000 lumens. It’s driven by WorldViewer and powered by an Elumenati High Performance Mobile IG. The globe enables Planetarium Director Paul Larson to engage K-12 students with interactive Earth Sciences, as they experience their curriculum in 360° with beautiful visualizations of complex datasets.

We transferred the datasets that Paul had been showing in exhibits built for the Magic Planet into WorldViewer, so that he can recreate those experiences for the globe using WorldViewer. He’s also using our SOS Browser to explore the library of content created for NOAA’s Science on a Sphere(R), and creating custom exhibits in WorldViewer for the globe.

In the school’s GeoDome Evolver (updated in 2019 with a 4K projection system), Paul has become a WorldViewer power user. He’s also one of the first to incorporate WorldViewer Stories from our asset store, with turnkey pieces like The Solar System, The Water Planet, and Climate Connections.  Although most of his presentations are docent-driven, Paul continues to build custom user interfaces so his content can be shared with the WorldViewer community as copyright licenses allow. When the pandemic closed the planetarium in 2020, Paul used WorldViewer to offer virtual learning experiences. He beta-tested our new WorldViewer Cloud solution to create flat-screen versions of his lessons for streaming to virtual classrooms.

Mayo High School is part of the Minnesota Regional GeoDome Network. We’ve been working together for a decade, and we look forward to a strong partnership for years to come.