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ASU School of Earth & Space Exploration – Magic Planet Upgrade

ASU’s School of Earth & Space Exploration (SESE) opened in 2012 with a 1.8m Magic Planet powered by an Elumenati light engine. This year we’re thrilled to help them bring their globe up to date with a new OmniFocus 300 series projection system, replacing their old lamp-based system using the same 4K laser projectors we offer in our high end GeoDome Globes. Over the years we have helped SESE replace the original Magic Planet software with WorldViewer and an Elumenati IG, enabling SESE students and faculty to create custom content showcasing their research. They’ve also added NASA JPL’s Eyes on the Earth for mission data on the Earth’s vital signs, updated daily.

The new solution blends two projectors for 11.6 Mpix resolution and 24,000 lumens. With folded lenses – a unique offering from the Elumenati – we can mount the projectors horizontally and lower the globe, so that the equator and northern hemisphere are visible for audiences of all ages. It’s all housed in a streamlined, ventilated enclosure to ensure smooth operation and minimal maintenance for years to come.

Located in ASU’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV (ISTB4), SESE brings a truly interdisciplinary approach to education, research and the exploration of our universe. The team anticipates attendance by ASU students and other school groups growing by the thousands as they continue to add new exhibits – including an upgrade to the I2E2 (Immersive Interactive Education Exhibit) we provided for them in a GeoDome Panorama , which we also installed back in 2012. The two exhibits provide a way to explore immersive and spherical content from two very different perspectives – global and feet-on-the-ground.

We’re honored to continue to support the SESE mission with the latest in immersive, interactive technology!