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Mankato East High School – GeoDome Evolver

Mankato East High School upgraded its existing 9m Spitz planetarium in 2008 to a GeoDome Evolver. In this installation, the OmniFocus 200 series projection system is placed behind and slightly above the Spitz A3P starball, allowing great dome coverage and keeping the front central region open for seating. The two projectors do not operate simultaneously.

Mankato is part of the Minnesota Regional Planetarium Network, science educators who collaborate to share costs and program development in a mix of fixed and portable GeoDome systems. All the systems are driven by our WorldViewer CMS and run on Elumenati IGs (image generating computers). With WorldViewer’s Open Playground Astronomy extension, network members drive OpenSpace, WorldWide Telescope, and Stellarium, all through a single user interface. Some sites have upgraded their OpenPlayground to also feature NASA’s Eyes platforms.  Additionally, some sites continue to incorporate live shows using Uniview, but are increasingly using OpenSpace for Digital Universe exploration as they phase out Uniview following SCISS’s dissolution. With WorldViewer’s WorldComposer content authoring platform, educators create stories for their domes with content from NOAA and NASA, 360° video and much more.

Along with founding partner Minnesota Planetarium Society (now at the Bell Museum), these sites include: